High Performance Computing



Genesis HPC solution combines multiple systems to perform complex calculations, so that they can achieve a supercomputer’s performance level — without the cost. 

Drive faster processing for the most demanding applications, including computational chemistry, weather forecasting, financial analytics and engineering design, so you can complete more computations per second, power through the most complex analysis, and get fast, precise results. Genesis HPC solutions help you focus on your work, while getting the computational power you need through:


  • Simplified integration of x86 platforms and open standards technologies that help protect your technology investment
  • Robust, scalable and responsive solutions that are cost-effective over time
  • Reduced costs and accelerated time-to-discovery 
  • Computational power to analyze and manage more data faster
  • Energy and space utilization efficiencies that will help you grow — and save
  • Comprehensive service offers, including infrastructure services, validation and configuration services
  • Easy deployments to help ensure that solutions are up and running fast and perform as planned