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Disasters are scary unpredictable things that do a lot of damage in many ways, and if one has the unfortunate chance of hitting your business you need to be able to get back online as soon as possible so you don't lose too much in your down time.​ We provide a variety of services in order to prepare for disasters and in order to assist you in recovering from them. In preparation we have multiple services that will allow you to backup your data either to the cloud (So you can download your data when you need to recover it) or to a separate physical hard drive (or other form of data storage you prefer). So in the event of a disaster you know you have your data saved and nothing important is lost. Sometimes however, there is hardware damage and that's more than the cloud can handle, so for that we have quick recovery servers in stock that we can get to you quickly or we can also build a server to your specifications, so you have the server you need to keep your business running effectively.

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