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IT Services

Genesis can provide you with the peace of mind that the technology in your office is being watched, checked, and maintained without someone having to take time out of their workday to check the health of your computer infrastructure. We offer a monthly service where we can help you manage your tech. When it comes to your machines you may have quite a few, so keeping tabs on them might be time-consuming. We offer a service where we not only keep a record of how many machines and what parts they're made out of, but we also do monthly IT Checkups and Maintenance, so we can catch problems on your computers, and servers before they show up or become too serious.

In this service, we don't only help in the physical, we understand that a lot happens in the cloud which can be a lot of accounts to organize, manage, and troubleshoot if the account goes haywire, also that a lot of services are being sold as keys with subscription times, so you need to keep track of when to refresh it. We handle both of these for you, we can handle your cloud accounts so you know they'll be accessible and always up and running and you won't have to constantly think about when to refresh your license, we'll notify you when it's time to refresh your keys and refresh them for you.

Lastly, we also help in the event of a disaster, we can help maintain any backup servers or similar datastores you need us to in order to keep your company moving in times of struggle.

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