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Support and Consulting

There is a saying in theatre that there will always be a technical difficulty somewhere whenever you have a performance. We take phrases and sayings like that as a challenge to push ourselves to have the best support and solutions on hand to help you get back on track. 

Something goes wrong and you need help, so where do you go? Well if you call us we can come on-site and, given your input on the problem, find and apply the solution. Okay, sometimes having to have someone come over for a small problem is more than you want to deal with. We have remote support for just that problem, with your permission, we can remote into your machine and help you. We'll talk to you in real-time either on a phone or zoom call, etc.

Even though we offer it, maybe you don't need someone to come in and do something. Sometimes you just need a word of advice to push you in the right direction. We offer that too, whether it's diagnosing your server or pc, to getting advice on upgrade solutions, or network evaluation for when you need another pair of eyes to look at your network because no matter how hard you looked you couldn't find the problem, and the thing is still messed up, and more.

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